Vagaband has been built on two principles: kindness and responsibility. These principles permeate our interactions, not only with the people we work with, but also the wider world. To us, being sustainable is more than just being “green”; it’s about ensuring the impact we have on the world is socially, ecologically, and economically positive. Sustainability is built into our culture as a company, in the message as well as the product we deliver.



We are all about travel and we want to keep the world beautiful. Thus, when it comes to keeping our ecological impact low, we have policies in place. We want to make sure that Vagaband gives more than it takes:



Vagaband is rooted in a philosophy of immersive and interactive travel. We see every traveller as an ambassador to the world, and have made it part of our mission to encourage people to engage with local communities, customs and economies. 




The average person spends 35% of their adult life at work. Work conditions play a huge role in people’s mental and physical health, and that’s why our employees’ happiness is our single biggest investment. We consider it our responsibility to make sure that everybody we employ finds their time with us both beneficial and joyful, and it shows in their work.