St Mungo's Case Study


Our Client

St Mungo's, is a charity registered in England to help homeless people. Established in 1969, it is now the largest charity dealing with the homeless in London. 

In 2010, it provided a bed for over 1500 people each night. In 2011, they had over a hundred sites across southern England providing accommodation or other services to the homeless.


Create a gift of compassion for the rough sleepers of London and beyond; humanising and empowering St Mungo's clients by providing them with a sense of identity


  • Work closely with case-workers and volunteers to establish the unique needs of roofless clients
  • Include pre-printed helpline numbers and other key information
  • Incorporate language into the band that keeps the band clear-to-purpose without seeming invasive


"An innovative and respectful gift of compassion for a group of people who, all too often, remain anonymous and uncared-for. Simple, considerate and thoroughly researched."