Vagaband Going Places

Starting next month, Vagaband will be hosting the first of its uniquely social and interactive travel readiness courses. 

The Vagaband Travellers' ID has brought peace of mind to thousands of people around the world since its Kickstarter debut... and its popularity inspired us to take the next step towards our goal to protect, educate and inspire the travel community. That's why we've put together the ultimate readiness course, designed with the needs of young, independent travellers in mind.

We collaborated with with seasoned travellers young and old, as well as some of the world's most respected risk-reduction experts, to create "Going Places" - the only travel readiness course of its kind.  Over the course of one day, Going Places gives you...

A world-class course led by a combination of highly qualified expedition leaders and young, experienced peer-instructors.

A certificate issued by the Royal Geographic Society

Discounts on travel insurance, accommodation, inoculations, antimalarials and other essential travel kit

A delicious cooked lunch, and the chance to meet other likeminded young people 

    The bulk of the workshop will be headed by author, speaker, expedition-leader & travel safety expert Lloyd Figgins. Lloyd is chairman of the Travel Risk and Incident Prevention Group, and author of The Travel Survival Guide (now in its second edition). His career as an officer in the British Army provided him with decades of experience dealing with the world's stickiest situations...

    This course is brand new and the only one of its kind - the mission is to roll these out worldwide, which makes your input and participation incredibly important to us. Soon we will be taking Going Places on the road, bringing the same expert-led, world-class materials to locations across the UK, United States and Europe - it's all part of our mission to create a generation of fearless, informed and compassionate citizens of the world.