Frequently Asked Questions

Is a vagaband waterproof?

Yes it is very waterproof (as is your information providing you use pencil NOT PEN).

Is vagaband rip-proof?

99%... As long as the paper is cut/nick free the band should not rip so be careful not to cut/nick the interior while its unfolded.

You include a pencil but can i use any pen or pencil to write in the band?

Use a pencil because even waterproof pens bleed and you cant rub it out if you want to. Pencil is guaranteed to stay put.

How do i find my out my blood-group?

You can buy test kits or alternatively go to the doctor and get tested. If you have ever given blood then your blood type will be on record.

How will people know to open my vagaband?

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and has become an internationally recognised symbol. Since the bands rest naturally on a pulse point, you can be sure it will be seen. We include pocket cards in the package too as an extra safety net on the off chance they don’t see your band.

Are Vagabands fireproof?

They are fire resistant particularly when they are on your wrist because the important information is folded up inside. 

How long will it last me?

The actual band and your information will last a long time but the printing will fade and or chip with time depending on what your putting your bands through. What’s most important is that your vital information will stay intact for a very long time inside. After all with vagaband as with everything it’s what’s inside that counts.

I’m going to 4 different countries do i need to get Vagabands for all of them?

Vagabands are designed for each country with the relevant language and name of the country on the outside. You can use one if you want to but it would not be current.

I don’t have a medical condition do i need a vagaband?

Vagabands are for peace of mind so you can concentrate on what’s important to you on your trip. Even if you don’t have a medical condition it still contains potentially life-saving information.

I noticed it comes with a little card why do i need that?

We hope the band will be obvious to everyone however in accident situations emergency personnel do always check pockets and wallets so the card is an extra safety net in the unlikely chance someone hasn’t seen your wrist before they check your wallet.

Where do i find my relative embassy number?

We’re Guna include a thing

What size is right for me?

Size chart??

Are Vagabands green?

Yes, they are fully recyclable as a single unit. 

What happens if i get sunscreen or bug spray on my band?

Sunscreen and most cosmetics are fine, however if your using an insect repellant with deet in it be aware that deet is very corrosive and if it can eat though mosquito nets it will most certainly damage your Vagaband.

Can i keep it on in the shower?

You can shower, bath or swim with it, Vagabands are totally waterproof, but feel free to take it off if your worried about the integrity of your band or the information inside etc...

Is it hypoallergenic?

It is...

Do they come in kids sizes?

They do ,and a number of different styles, five to be exact. The kid band range was designed with an age range of about 3-8 years old.

How do i replace a lost vagaband?

Unfortunately you have to replace it yourself, but we do ship worldwide so wherever you are you're able to receive your vagaband...??

What sort of stuff is covered in the Going Places course?

The course will be lead by a published travel safety expert, and while some things apply to everyone we are all well aware that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to making risk based decisions while travelling. This is why there is a strong emphasis on developing your own S.O.P’s. 

What is an S.O.P.?

An S.O.P is a standard operating procedure... in the course the concept and importance will be explained; the group will be taught how to think pro-actively and realistically about responding to pitfalls big or small.

Who leads the course?/who is involved?

The majority of the course will be headed by travel safety expert Lloyd Figgins. What sets this course apart though is the involvement of our peer teachers or Vagabandits. They are young experienced travellers who’s job it is to be honest and compassionate in answering your questions. They are well travelled and learned many of the things they now know the hard way so you don’t have to.

What will i leave the course with?

You are awarded a certificate on completion of the course approved by the RGS, a copy of Lloyd Figgins travel guide (which is in its second edition) discounts on Vaccinations, insurance, accommodation and a membership to Hostelling International.