Vagaband Travellers' ID

Vagaband "Hands" from Mdhamiri á Nkemi on Vimeo.
Vagabands are the key to our community: wearing one marks you out as a lover of the road less-travelled, and encourages a spirit of camaraderie amongst its wearers. They spark conversations and send a clear signal to fellow travellers:

“I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine.”

This simple, durable band safely stores information about such things as allergies, vaccinations and blood type. It’s there to assist doctors, first aiders or fellow travellers, when you need them the most.
Every Vagaband is comfortable, hypoallergenic, fully recyclable, and handmade in the UK. They’re designed to be simple, secure and always up to date. No dead batteries, no cracked screens, no lost signal – this is technology that never fails.
Vagabands are resistant to fire, cosmetics, tearing, bug sprays and everything else you might come across on your adventures, giving you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything...
Vagabands are currently available in 32 different styles and more than a dozen languages, and the collection is growing every day.

We rely on the feedback of the travel community when we decide which destination to represent next, then we look to that place's culture, history, art & language to create a design. The end result is something that - as well as being an indispensable keepsake - is a beautiful and thoughtful homage to the hosts who make travel so extraordinary.

Where are you off to?