Lake Bunyonyi is undeniably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and believe I will ever go. It is a massive lake in South-West Uganda comprising of 29 different islands. As we arrived on the 9 hour night bus (£6), from Kampala we were rather disorientated as it was and this feeling didn’t seem to relent. As you disembark the coach at 6am you are chastised into getting into some form of transport be it boda-boda (a Ugandan Motorbike taxi) or a standard taxi. We opted for the car as we had bags and were on our way. 
Arriving at the lake we were again offered two forms of transport to take us to our accommodation (Byoona Amagara), a motor boat or scenic canoe. This time we went for the scenic route, which gave us time to digest waking up and now floating across one of the most stunning places we’ve ever been in our lives. We were lucky enough to be joined in our canoe by Ananas or Pineapple, as he’s widely known, who fed us little nuggets of information on route across the lake to our Island.
We couldn’t recommend the accommodation more highly and for £28 a night for 2 people I think you’ll be hard pushed to find a better view for your money! We weren’t sure if it was the time of year but Bunyonyi feels like a very well hidden gem and the lack of tourists was refreshing. The lovely ‘Pineapple’ also offers tours of the islands and a short trek up to a stunning viewpoint of a large majority of the 29 islands. It is also one of the few African lakes that is crocodile, hippo and Bilharzia (a parasite) free, so people can escape the stifling African heat. Crayfish and Tilapia are the local delicacies and as always, because everything was so cheap we ate double. With the avocado and crayfish salad being a personal favourite.
Heading back to Kabale feeling sensationally well fed and rested we started our long journey back to the hectic buzz of Kampala. First we had a quick tour of the local shops and tailors which were some of the best we’ve come across so far in Uganda so if you want to get things made here may be the best place. Reluctantly we boarded our overnight coach knowing we would definitely be back to Lake Bunyonyi and urge you too if you ever have the chance.
- Anon

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