Fill it in. Fold it up. Hit the Road. 
Vagaband was founded because we'd seen for ourselves how fine the line between adventure and misadventure can be. We've asked doctors, nurses & EMT's what they think and they all agree: 
"This could save your life".

Honestly though, the world isn't that dangerous. We don't want to scare young travellers - realisitically, you're going to be just fine. Most people come back from their travels happy as Larry and full of stories and memories: that'll be you.

But it's good to have a safety-net. That's what we're here for: to make sure you can travel the way you want and be yourself on the road without any worry. Vagabands watch your back, but they don't watch over your shoulder.

From where it sits comfortably on your wrist, your Vagaband can communicate essential emergency information such as allergies or blood group if something goes wrong... or it can communicate the name of your hostel to a local cab driver if your accent is just rubbish.

Clear. Simple. Easy.

“Vagaband provides the clearest, simplest and easiest way to make sure that your most important medical, insurance and personal details are recorded and with you.”

Lloyd Figgins, Author of “The Travel Survival Guide”

"Such a no-brainer..."

"We see a lot of products come and go, promoted into the Gap Year space... Vagaband is fantastic….Such a no brainer. Every single Gap Year organisation should be strapping these on their students."

Jennifer Miller, Gap Year Association (GYA)

No Fiddly, Fragile Tech...

“Vagaband reminds us that travel safety does not need to be high-tech. Simple to use, stylish enough to wear, and secure enough to always have your back.”

Dave Chapman Chairman- The World Youth and Student Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE)

Collaborative Design for Safer Travel

Vagaband provided us with a beautiful and practical design - providing much-appreciated peace of mind and reassurance: it was wonderful to work with them.

Olivia Watts, Quintessentially Travel

"Ethical, Dedicated, Pro-Active Advocates"

Vagaband provide quality ethical travellers' safety products... Key players, pro-active advocates and dedicated to the safety of young travellers: a much needed solution!

Emma English: Executive Director, British Educational Travel Assocation


Over the years, we've grown from a Kickstarter campaign run from our front room into award-winning authorities on youth travel safety... we didn't do that by ourselves: we keep growing and learning because our customers are a part of who we are. They help us learn and adapt and create, because they believe in the Vagaband mission:


At the heart of it all sits our flagship, patented Vagaband Traveller's ID. This award-winning wristband allows you to travel without anxiety... but more than that, it's the key to an on-the-ground, worldwide community. it serves as a signpost to your fellow travellers: we're in this together.

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Our award-winning Going Places Pre-Travel Workshops are our way of helping keep travel wild... but not reckless. Learn the ropes before you swing from them: become a smarter, safer traveller and get the inside track on ways to make your adventures the memory of a lifetime.

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Through the Vagabandit program, we're making the travel experience more authentic, more inspired, more immersive and more respectful. In a world of overpaid influencers who haven't got a clue, we work with you to curate inspirational, realistic and genuinely helpful content.

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We love to talk - maybe you're a curious customer, maybe you're a blogger or journalist whose interest is piqued... Or maybe you think Vagaband's services would add value to your business or organisation: whoever you are, we're up for a chat any time.